We're well and truly into the new year, but that doesn't mean summers over or that the road trips have to stop. It's still hot, the roads are quieter and there's no better time to embark on a journey to one of those spots you've always been meaning visit. We've spent a bit of time living in and out of our cars, so we've put together a list of our summer road trip essentials that make for a banging trip.

feldon shelter

A good place to sleep - Seems obvious but it's a critical one, and for this the Feldon Shelter Crows Nest is an absolute must. Comfort, air flow, ease, they have it all and make every spot you park up that much better. Don't think twice they're 110% worth it.


Big Water Container - We've been caught out before without enough water and it's no good for the morale. Get a water container and get a big one, you'll need it. 

good lids goodlids hats

Sun Protection - Sunblock and a good hat. We'd recommend getting a Goodlids. Not only are the super sick they also have the right ethics behind them. Made from hemp they're good for your head and the planet.

fix and fogg peanut butter

Image courtesy of Fix & Fogg

Peanut Butter - This stuff is killer. Get the Fix & Fogg Dark Chocolate stuff and you'll be surprised how often you have it. It goes good on oats, on fried bananas or even by it's self as an after dinner treat.

Jordan Griffin Surfboards

Surfboard - It's hot and the best place to be is in the water on your board. If you don't have one there's one guy you need to get in touch with and that's Jordan Griffin. Based in little ol Mount Maunganui he makes boards for the individual not the masses and will sort you out no matter your surf board needs.

billy bag

Surfboard Bag - Once you pick up your fresh stick your going to want to keep that thing protected and the best thing for that is a Billy Bag. Hand made from upcycled goods to specifically fit your board.


Wetsuit - Depending on where you're planning on smacking the lip you may want a wetsuit and for this you can't go past Need Essentials. Exceptionally well priced high quality wet suits with the right morals behind the brand. 

woods equip hotplate

Something to cook on - You be silly if you thought we weren't going to talk about the Woods Equip HotplateCook anything from pancakes to a curry thanks to the low-stick and high sides of our Hotplates. Designed to fit most dual burners perfectly, it's your ultimate travel companion.

so fried chilli oil

Chilli Oil - Not just any chilli oil, the Lucky Lucky So Fried Chilli Oil. This stuff is next level. There is one basic rule in the Woods Equip Kitchen, and that is: if it's cooked on the Hotplate, you have to put chilli oil on it. It goes on everything. Our favorite would be on top of eggs haloumi and mushrooms.

coffee allpress

Coffee - Last and absolutely not least is a percolator/moka pot. Essentially espresso coffee anywhere you want. Ours gets used twice daily at a minimum. Grab some grounds from Allpress and you'll be set!